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Thanks for visiting Community Insure. We’re proud to announce this unique fundraising partnership between your organisation and Absolute Insurance.

Community Insure is a unique and innovative fundraising program backed by Absolute Insurance and designed to help you raise funds for your organisation, club or community group.

How does Community Insure work?

Your fundraising efforts start by completing a simple 5 minute Fact Find. The Fact Find will help Absolute Insurance evaluate your cover and make a recommendation.

Once the Fact Find is completed*, the participant will be contacted**. If the participant already has the ideal level of insurance cover, we’ll tell them. If we think there’s a better option, we’ll arrange a time for an Absolute Adviser to meet with them for a review. If this results in the purchase of an insurance policy, we’ll pay your organisation CASH  for each policy sold!

*Only one Fact Find can be filled out by each household, and the household member must be over 18 years of age.

**Contact details will be used for Community Insure purposes only.

What's the Next Step?

Register below and you'll receive a password which will enable you to securely enter personal details in the no-obligation online Community Insure Personal Insurance Profile. This questionnaire will help us evaluate your current cover.

Whether you are already spending money on insurance or not, give Absolute Insurance a chance to do a review and quote, and if you buy WE PAY CASH BACK TO YOUR ORGANISATION!!

What have you got to lose?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, for 5 minutes of your time spent filling in the questionnaire, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your personal insurances are giving you total protection for your current circumstances AND could help your organisation earn CASH!

Community Insure is owned by Absolute Insurance Ltd.
(See www.absins.co.nz for details)


Want to know more or need help?

Call the A Team on 0800 877 873
or email Helen at help@absins.co.nz to express your interest in Community Insure today.


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